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> the woman's guide to money

Imagine being financially free.

Imagine having an empowering relationship with money.


Does thinking about your finances cause you anxiety and stress? Does the thought of money evoke feelings of sacrifice or guilt? Many women find themselves trapped by cultural and social conditioning that includes a negative view of money. It doesn't need to be this way. Instead, money should be a tool for creating the life you have always wanted. Written for women by a woman, this book helps women to take life-changing actions that will free us from money-related guilt and worry. By rethinking the way we look at money, women can learn to overcome the barriers that prevent us from pursuing our own prosperity. Many of us have a pre-programmed sense of guilt when it comes to money, where instead we should have confidence and satisfaction. In this step-by-step guide, women will learn how to see the differences between 'net-worth' and 'self-worth', how to overcome the fear of finances, and how to set goals and follow through with a plan. This book is about freedom, independence, and empowerment; it reveals how women can and should look beyond mere dollars to gain an understanding of true wealth and abundance -- one that is not about greed and power, but concerned with life-enriching prosperity.

Kelley's second book, The Woman's Guide to Money, was released nationally April 2006 and internationally in October 2006 by Insomniac Press.

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Woman’s Guide to Money


Kelley Keehn










Insomniac Press


April 2006


Personal finance: Women's studies