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"Keehn's record of early success suggests hers is not an idle boast. She's worth the price of admission just to hear how she got guys with million-dollar incomes, and million-dollar investment accounts, to trust a woman in her 20s who had little formal education. In her book, she coaches readers on how to build the foundation of any financial plan by answering a series of questions to decide who you are, where you want to go, how far you are prepared to go to get there, and how to stay as positive as she is. "

James Daw

Toronto Star

"Solid, real world advice that will help parents raise financially savvy and successful kids."  [re: The Prosperity Factor for Kids] 

Rob Carrick

The Globe and Mail

"...Kelley was a huge hit. We loved having her on the show, and may be contacting her again... Thanks for the info."


Libby Herman

Producer, Pia Shandel Morning Show


CFUN 1410 AM

"Your presentation was superlative and  you're a dynamic speaker who made all the difference. I was caught up  in the excitement, fervour and laughter around me."

Radhika Panjwani

The Mississauga News

"The LIVE coaching forum was a great success!  Our members truly enjoyed it, and one of our members wrote us to let us know she reduced her interest on two of her credit cards by 3% each!  You are a powerful and dynamic speaker and we will certainly have you back again in the near future."

Penta Performance International

"I just wanted to let you know that the evaluations of the Advocis PD Day were excellent and most of the comments about you were that they would have liked to have heard you for longer. That just tells you how well you came across with some fresh new ideas.... "

Eloise Leier

Advocis & Freedom 55 Regina

"Your talk was informative and direct and you made your points clearly and with humour. You are great speaker. The stories are what people remember and we see examples of these types of personalities frequently.  Keep us in the loop as to your return to Toronto.  I spoke with our Division Director and told her she missed a great talk. I am going to share your new book with her."

Linda Garrard, BSc.,CFP
Investors Group Financial Services

Belleville, ON

"Wow!  Kelley recently joined us as a keynote speaker to kick off our weekend conference.  The feedback was amazing!  Kelley has an obvious ability to customize her presentation to make it enjoyable, meaningful and easy to relate to.  She offered practical strategies as well as a new way of thinking in order to encourage a deeper sense of self-belief and self-worth.  Thanks to Kelley for offering us more than we dreamed of! "

Nicol Stone

Independent Consultant

Arbonne International

"... feedback from the group was amazing.  I'll definitely be referring you to anyone that may be interested in having a financial/empowerment type speaker.  And thanks for all of your positive reinforcement on the drive back to Toronto.  You are truly a gifted individual & I wish you all the best."

Allison McDonald

Oakville, ON

“I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the great presentation last Monday evening in Oakville.  Kelley’s presentation was very inspirational and I must say that I have been quoting Kelley for days now...telling women that they are worth more than a million dollars, and further explaining my elastic around my wrist. Kelley was very well spoken, and I look forward to reading her books in detail soon.

I have decided that my women's intuition is what is going to get me ahead in life, and to follow that gut feeling!  [Kelley’s] words helped emphasize that sort of importance!

I wish you all the best in the future, and look forward to continue to follow your career, and read more of your books.  Congratulations on spreading the word to women that we can achieve and succeed!”

Heather Navis

Participant at Allison McDonald's workshop

Toronto, ON


"Thanks so much for speaking at our event.  I received great feedback from the audience.  We will keep you in mind for future events when you are in town."

Kay Brekken

Women In Capital Markets

Toronto, ON

"Keehn focuses on the subtle nuances that stifle our ability to realize that money is abundant and good while nurturing our basic needs.  Keehn's calming voice makes reading The Prosperity Factor enjoyable without feeling like you've made a million 'money' mistakes before picking up the book."

Patty Jessome

The Edmonton Sun

"Her readers seem to agree with her innovative approach as her book made the Edmonton Journal's best seller list shortly after it was launched."

Paula Mankinen-Irvin

Alberta Husband & Wife Magazine

"Thanks for sharing your amazing presentation with our Mastermind Club. You're incredibly genuine and passionate and that's reflected in the natural way you share real life stories. You do a wonderful job of educating with practical ideas. Our members appreciate your "Keehn" insights and we'd love to have you back to speak again."

Colin Goehring & Sandra Nykolyshyn

Co-founders, Mastermind Clubs

"The Prosperity Factor for Women is a timely work, not just for women but for men as well. Kelley Keehn's ability to address the issue of money and prosperity is extraordinarily rare. She provides a vital road map that will take you step by step from vision to action to true prosperity. All told, this book will empower you to be a master of money instead of a slave to it."

Ernie Zelinski, International Best Selling Author
How To Retire Happy, Wild, and Free

"The stage presentation done by Kelley at the Edmonton Woman's Show was great; both informative and insightful.  She has a wonderful stage presence and spoke in a way that all the attendees could both understand and relate to.  Her knowledge and insight into women and money made her a fantastic addition to our show."

Edmonton Woman's Show

"I wish I had taken this course 20 years ago. Now, I am starting to realize how much my thoughts and beliefs about money have held me back. Kelley has the courage to help me to challenge my beliefs so that I can dispose of the ones that hold me back and develop new, healthier ones that will carry me to a wealthier future."

Helene Walker
Former Engineer and Banker

"A fresh approach, custom-tailored to women, that will expand your vision, free your financial spirit and help you identify and achieve your purpose. The Prosperity Factor for Women is a practical guide to financial success and I will definitely recommend it to all of my clients.  A book like Kelley's would help the reader discover the how. The more clear the client can be in setting out their goals, the easier it is for the adviser."

Wayne Taylor, President of Taylor Financial Group
And President of the Canadian Association of Pre-Retirement Planners

"The Prosperity Factor presents fascinating insights into a new paradigm for personal and business success. A 'must read' for those ready to make a shift!"

Susan Penstone
Principal, Voices of the Soil

“Kelley Keehn delivers a spiritually uplifting technique that breaks down the layers of guilt associated with money, retraining the mind on how money should be perceived, with the ultimate goal of enforcing the benefits of exercising self-discipline. I highly recommend this group atmosphere for any woman interested in prospering and moving ahead.”

Lynn Biggs

Executive Director

“Insightful....helps you identify your negative thoughts and make them positive!....Kelley's course really makes you think about how you think – lots of the methods and messages delivered can be used in just about every aspect of our lives.”

Sheri Sept

Property Manager

“The money group has brought us together; a group of ladies from various personal and professional backgrounds. We have opened up together and without judgment. Personally it has challenged my old, traditional beliefs and ideals about money and how I think and deal with money consciously and subconsciously. Kelley has opened our minds sharing with us her wealth of knowledge. Kelley is invaluable as a person, teacher and a mentor.”

Jennifer Chan


“We were impressed with Ms. Keehn’s ability to provide examples which were very relevant to certain challenges which are faced by our members. There were many favourable comments following her presentation and she has been scheduled for a more intensive educational session.”

Edmonton Apartment Association

“Ms. Keehn is an excellent presenter with exceptional vocal presentation, communication skills and clarity of materials... For educational purposes of our members, we will attempt to schedule Ms. Keehn for future seminars.”

Alberta Conference of the Seventh-day
Adventist Church

“Our classes have been greatly enriched by [Ms. Keehn’s] guest lecture. [We are grateful] for the involvement of organizations such as [hers] in our small business training and education.”

Mennonite Centre for Newcomers

“[Ms. Keehn’s] comfortable presentation style and depth of knowledge engaged the audience. [She] continually impresses us with [her] willingness to go the extra mile. [Ms. Keehn’s] attention to detail is second to none.”

Alberta Women Entrepreneurs