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Take the "couples challenge" today!

Before setting on your sacred journey into marriage or a relationship, open communication and dialogue are the keys for a successful future together.  As you begin your financial path together as a couple, take a few moments to complete the following questionnaire.  Be sure to share this information with your prospective spouse and ideally, book time to complete the questionnaire together and allow sufficient time for open, non-judgmental dialogue.  If you need assistance as a couple, seek the independent advice of a financial professional. 

Already married or in a relationship?  The pre-marriage worksheet will also benefit you.  Just skip the questions that don't apply.  It's never too late to understand your financial needs and that of your partner.


Articles - Couples Specific

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Discover the Romance Factor
Fun & simple ideas for a fool proof Valentine's Day or Anniversary

Romantic ideas for even the most creatively challenged!

As featured in Kelley's January/February 2006 article in Alberta Husband and Wife Magazine, we have collected a number of simple, fun and low-to-no cost ideas for romance.