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A woman's guide to maximizing her career potential.

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She Inc.

A woman's guide to maximizing her career potential.

Experts estimate that you will change not only your job, but your career an average of four to five times in you life. Stability and job security are things of the past. Whether you’re an employee, business owner, entrepreneur, or re-entering the work force, this book is for you!   Corporate downsizing, whirlwind swings in the markets, job outsourcing—there has never been a more important time for women to take a proactive approach to their career tracks.

Author Kelley Keehn meticulously guides the reader through the paradigm shift of seeing oneself as a corporation.  This book offers you, the reader, powerful new insights on how to dramatically increase effectiveness and fast track whatever career path you’ve chosen. With real case studies, you’ll learn how becoming the CEO of your own personal corporation will revolutionize your personal and professional life.  

As a soon-to-be financially savvy woman, your corporation would not be complete without working capital and cash flow. This book delves into the relevant and essential financial information that you need to know. Chock full of tips, examples, exercises and timely information, She Inc. is a must have for any woman to empower and fortify herself in this ever changing economic environment.

Available in Canadian book stores November 2008

US Edition available in early 2009


She Inc.


Kelley Keehn

ISBN 10:


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Insomniac Press


November 10, 2008


Business - Career Development