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If you've read The Woman's Guide to Money and/or The Prosperity Factor, you've heard me stress time and time again that practicing the exercises are the most important aspect of your journey to wealth and abundance.

Take my course for FREE! 

In the past, we have offered our course for several hundred dollars.  Many have expressed interest and benefited immensely from our group atmosphere.  However, unlike other authors, I do not hold back any information - what's in my head is in my books.  As I continue to research and study the principles of the wealthy, I have them published.  Unlike other authors that publish a book only to sell you on expensive seminars, you'll receive my decades of research, experience and expertise in my written material.  So what's the point of paying for a course?

With that said, I've stopped running The Prosperity Factor course.  If you'd like my personal instruction and accountability, I welcome you to attend our numerous FREE events (see our event link to your right), and offer personal coaching should you wish to grow to the next step.

As accountability for completing the exercises is the most important element of my teachings, I would encourage you to start your own Money Group (as referred to in my books), or how about a Prosperity Group or Financial Independent Babes Group?  The choice and naming is yours.  But as Nike so poignantly states, "just do it" ... and I might add, do it now!

Start your Prosperity Group today!

Click here for a formal guide to setting up your own Prosperity Group along with frequently asked questions and answers.  If we've missed anything, email us and we'll get you a response shortly.

Take our course for FREE today (just the investment of one of my books) and share the abundance of the learning's with your friends, family and co-workers.  Start your group today!