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Kelley Keehn - Your Trusted Financial Empowerment Partner

Meet Kelley Keehn, a seasoned expert in the world of personal finance, a best-selling author, renowned speaker, and media personality with a passion for helping Canadians transform their relationship with money. With over eighteen years as a personal financial educator and more than a decade as a financial professional, Kelley understands that everyone faces financial challenges, from everyday Canadians to millionaires.

As an accomplished author, Kelley has penned eleven books on various financial topics, including personal finance, the psychology of money, behavioral economics, women and finance, and safeguarding against identity theft and fraud. Her latest releases, 'Talk Money to Me' and 'Rich Girl, Broke Girl,' published by Simon and Schuster, can be found in bookstores nationwide.

Kelley's expertise shines through as a sought-after speaker and consultant, and she's no stranger to the boardrooms of some of Canada's largest corporations. Her journey across the country has not only given her insight into the financial landscape of the nation but has also fueled her determination to combat the low levels of financial literacy among Canadian employees. It's this frustration that led her to found Money Wise Workplaces, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at empowering employees for financial freedom and overall well-being.

Today, Kelley is redefining workplace financial wellness by helping companies elevate their employees' financial literacy and well-being. If you're an employer looking to enhance your employees' financial savvy or an employee eager to take control of your financial future, Kelley Keehn is the partner you've been searching for.

With a prominent presence in the media landscape, Kelley serves as the financial authority on CTV's The Marilyn Denis Show, and you can catch her as a regular guest on Global, CBC, and CTV, among other major networks. She's hosted W Network's 'Burn My Mortgage,' contributed to CNBC in New York, and provided expert insights as a columnist for The Globe and Mail. Kelley's wisdom has even graced the pages of 'O: The Oprah Magazine.'

Kelley is not just a financial expert; she's also a dedicated advocate for financial literacy. She has served as the Consumer Advocate for FP Canada and was a member of the inaugural National Steering Committee for Financial Literacy. Today, she contributes her expertise to the Ontario Securities Commission Senior Expert Advisory Committee, the Canadian Foundation for Economic Education, and the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada's Consumer Protection Advisory Committee.

If you're looking to gain control of your finances, gain a new perspective on money, or elevate your financial literacy, Kelley Keehn is your go-to partner. Let's start your journey to financial empowerment today.

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Kelley has conducted thousands of appearances.


Best-Selling Author

Kelley has written 11 books on personal finance.


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Amplifying your message to consumers and stakeholders.