Are You Missing Free Money?

What if there was a secret stash of money at the office. And, it was yours to claim?

You left money on the table

Each year, Canadians are leaving an estimated three to four billion dollars of free money on the table in the form of employer benefits and matching programs.

Check your statement or call up your HR person to find out how much you’ve been missing out on and make a plan to maximize what’s yours!

Free money can also come in the form of tax benefits, governement grants and more.  A Certified Financial Planner can help you discover where you can increase your wealth and tap into what’s rightfully yours!

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As the Consumer Advocate for FP Canada, I know that financial literacy is paramount to your well-being. Equally important to your long-term success is working with a qualified professional. To find a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professional in your area that will help guide you on all matters of money, check out this Find Your Planner tool.

FP Canada is a national professional body working in the public interest (formerly known as the Financial Planning Standards Council). FP Canada is dedicated to fostering better financial health for Canadians by certifying professional financial planners and leading the advancement of professional financial planning in Canada.

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