Embracing Risk video series

How do you start off your morning?  For me, and for the last sixteen years, I’ve begun each morning with a cup of coffee and a few moments pondering two quotes.  Sounds strange, right?  That I’d spend over a decade and a half on two quotes … I’ll share them in a minute.

Now I don’t know about you, but I think COVID robbed us of so much more than just our freedom to hug our loved ones and live a normal life.

**Watch my first video on this new series here**

When it comes to our careers, our dreams, our ability to build and grow wealth, I think COVID has also robbed us of our boldness.

And what underpins boldness?  Risk.  And I’m not talking about investment risk.

The risk to dare to live to the life that you truly desire.

To lean into the risk of writing your book.  The risk of asking for a promotion or a raise.  The risk of starting a business that you’ve always secretly hoped for.

So how do we lean into risk?  How do we recapture our boldness?

I struggle with these questions myself.  But I look to one of the brightest minds of all time for answers.

So those quotes I mentioned?  They’re from Albert Einstein. The first, you’ll be able to finish it with me.  'The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.'

So elegant.  So simple.  Yet … so incredibly difficult to execute. And because I’ve been thinking so deeply about this quote for a decade and a half, I believe there’s 5 reasons why:

  1. Presupposes failure.  Who likes to truly fail? Especially women.  We’re not trained to risk.
  2. Upsets comfort zones.  Our brains love efficiency and are lazy.
  3. Requires changes to neuroplasticity.  Neurons that wire together, fire together.
  4. Could upset your tribe.
  5. Challenges your identity.

The second quote?  It sort of contradicts the first and it states:  'You can't solve a problem at the same level of thinking that created it.'

So how do we do something different if we can't even solve our own problems with our current thinking?

I’m so happy that you allowed me a moment to interrupt your thinking.  So you can lean into risking more and reclaiming your boldness as our economy recovers and you dare to dream what’s possible post pandemic.

I’d love to hear what one thing you're willing to do something different. Drop me a line at info@kelleykeehn.com.