Employee Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness:

The most valuable and least understood employee benefit.

Connecting your employees to financial wellness programs makes good business sense. Because financial stress can impact your organization in more ways than one.

  • Financial wellness is important.  It has been found to be a key predictor of an employee's overall well-being, comparable in impact to the combined effects of job satisfaction, relationship satisfaction and physical health.
  • We will talk about the need to bridge the “Say-Do” gap: Increasing financial literacy will lead people to Say they will take action to improve their wellness, but too often they don’t actually Do the behaviours that are necessary.  It's like joining a gym and never going.
  • Discussion will include the many approaches that lead to better financial and life outcomes.  Concrete implementation intentions, eliminating the licensing effect, wider framing, holistic perspectives, countering the diffusion of responsibility, beneficial defaults, and reducing loss aversion are among the proven solutions. As well as the research conducted on financial stress, its impacts on employees and employers.
  • We will share FCAC tools and resources, BeWorks solutions as well as Money Wise Workplaces client success stories.

Join this dynamic panel on June 1st at 12pm ET to learn how your employee’s financial wellness can boost your bottom line.

Discussion moderator: Jean Paul (JP) Nyereka, Money Wise Workplaces