Find more money – free event

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Exhausted by your budget? Constant cutting getting you nowhere? You might be looking in the wrong places.

  • Have you ever done laundry or put on an old jacket and found $20 in your pocket? That sense of relief and joy at discovering money you didn't realize you had.
  • What if you could discover $5,000 or $10,000 or more this year?
  • When times get tough, we tend to go straight to cutting back. But effective money management is also about bringing more money in.
  • What if you found free money on your taxes?
  • What if you found free money sitting with your employer’s benefits plan?
  • What if you found free money by learning how to slash bank, credit fees and so much more?
  • What if you got immediate tax-savings through payroll deductions?

Join this dynamic panel to kick off the first day of Financial Literacy month: