Let’s Talk About Housing (And Finances) Post-Crisis


I have a new online series I am launching this summer called Talk Money With Me! And we are kicking off with a very hot subject: renting and home ownership.

During this crisis, were renters left out in the cold? Is home ownership actually a safer bet? Do you disagree? Why?

What other financial lessons can we learn?

Join myself, and my special guest, personal finance columnist Rob Carrick, to cut through the noise to bring you frank conversations, answers to tough questions and eliminating the taboo around money!

Got questions? Leave a comment, send a message, or email us at info@kelleykeehn.com and we'll address them at the event!

You can tune in on Facebook Live, Twitter (via Periscope) and YouTube.

Tune in right below!


Rob Carrick, Globe and Mail Personal Finance Columnist

Rob Carrick has been writing about personal finance, business and economics for 30 years. He joined The Globe and Mail in late 1996 and shortly afterward suggested the paper offer more coverage of personal finance. He’s been writing about investing and personal finance ever since. Rob’s personal finance column appears in The Globe twice weekly, and his Portfolio Strategy column for investors appears on alternating Saturdays. Rob also produces occasional videos and a twice-weekly e-mail newsletter called Carrick on Money. His first podcast, called The Retirementality, covered retirement issues for Gen Y, Gen X and boomers. Rob is the author or co-author of five books, the most recent of which is How Not to Move Back in With Your Parents: The Young Person's Complete Guide to Financial Empowerment.​

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