New to ESG investing?

Are you wondering how to incorporate sustainable investing options into your portfolio?

I sat down with John Cook, Senior Vice President, Portfolio Manager, Mackenzie Greenchip for his insights on ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) and how integration will look five years from now.

2020 saw a strong momentum behind environmental and ESG and sustainable investments. John thinks this is likely to continue.  He looks at the drivers of the space or sectors like increasing populations, the fact that we live on a planet of finite resources and are using more of them.  As we do, we create more environmental challenges.  We're also knocking up against ecological limitations.  And those drivers aren't going away.

John wants you to pay attention to ESC scores, but he's also interested in companies that actually produce and sell environmentally superior products and services.  He states that many of these companies don't have the same brand name of many ESG high scoring businesses, so it is possible to find value in this space.

For more on John's insights, visit our BNN Bloomberg interview here.