Talk Money With Me Rob Carrick

In celebration of my new book launching, we're back with all new Talk Money with Me series!

Today, back by very popular demand was the Globe and Mail's Personal Finance columnist, Rob Carrick.  Be sure to sign-up for his insightful newsletter and tune into his new podcast, Stress Test.

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Rob shared his wealth of knowledge on the real estate market, investing and so much more!

A popular question was about robo-advising.  If you're looking to compare fees, Money Sense has an awesome chart - click here.

Rob also talked a lot about reaching out to a fee only financial planner if you need help.  He has a nifty spreadsheet of fee only planners across the country.  If you'd like a copy of it, please reach out to him at

Lastly, we're excited that Talk Money to Me: COVID edition is in stores now across Canada and online at Amazon and Indigo. My team and I want this in the hands of as many people as possible, so if you or a friend really can't afford it and are in financial distress (check your local library first), reach out to us and we'll buy you an e-copy.  Email us at

Here's to your continued prosperity!