Top Financial Skills for the Modern Family

Find out the most important financial skills any modern, money savvy family should know. Tune in right below!nnAs of June 24th, In these last 6 months of not traveling on media tours, I enjoy many more home cooked meals, and wearing soft, comfy slippers while doing my interviews. On the other hand, I miss my friends in Toronto, and much of my living space has been transformed into a miniature TV set. For Canadians everywhere, there have been many household changes in the last year, with still more yet to come. Some will be celebratory, some others, a pain point. One thing these events have had in common? They’ve all had financial implications – not just for money management, but for expectation management between and across the generations. While navigating these expectations, my friend and guest, Dr. Moira Somers, has created a very useful list that is helpful for both advisors and individuals. The list is her take on the most important financial skills needed for modern families. It was a helpful reminder to stay on top of what her own family needs to know and do. It was also an occasion to update it, in light of such things as growing rates of mental health problems and dementia, the endless ingenuity of fraudsters and scam artists, and the travails of our planet. In this upcoming Talk Money With Me, we explore some of these points, such as:

  • Developing marketable skills
  • Earning sufficiently
  • Having respectful and productive money conversations
  • Safeguarding your dependents and your assets
  • And so much more!

Join the conversation on Thursday, October 1st at 3PM ET. We look forward to answering your questions, and sharing insights!