Why financial resolutions fail

There's a sinister dream killer out there robbing us of our long term happiness and wealth.

I’m curious – will you be setting financial resolutions this year?

Why is it that most of us either avoid making financial resolutions or, abandon them entirely come mid January?

It's likely not the answer you would think.

I believe, it's because of a pernicious affliction called apathy.

Apathy is easy.  We're numb, resigned and stay there with a Netflix binge, a glass or more of wine and an empty bag of chips.

Looking at your finances, especially if you don't like what you see, can feel awful.  You may get angry, frustrated or scared.  Those are super uncomfortable feelings and if it seems like just too much to handle, in comes apathy.

I wanted to give this subject some thoughtful examination through an Instagram Live today.  If you'd like to catch my thoughts, have a view of it here.

And some of the resources I mentioned were:

I'd love to hear what you think.  Is apathy holding you back from taking action?  Drop me a line at info@kelleykeehn.com.

Here's to your prosperity in 2022!