Worried workforces


Do you have a worried workforce? Join Money Wise Workplaces to learn about how to attract and retain employees.

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The pandemic has taken its toll on workplaces and getting employees back into the office is complex. Inflation and increased expenses are the top concern of 85% of a recent National Payroll Institute survey and people are saving less as a result and are financially pressured.

This is creating a worried workforce that is spending time and productivity stressed about these issues, costing employers and the economy an estimated $20.3 billion dollars in output.

What can you as an employer do to alleviate employee stress and provide assistance?

This dynamic panel will explore:

• What’s keeping your employees up at night?
• How to manage quiet quitting
• What do workers want and what can employers do?
• How can you better set up your employees for success?
• Gain insights into the benefits & compensation packages employees are looking for
• How to attract and retain top talent in today’s tight employment market
• Learn how to infuse financial wellness & mental wellbeing to remain competitive
• Discover the key components in recruitment & retention today

Featured speakers:

Steven Van Alstine, Vice President, Education, National Payroll Institute
Clare Kumar, Productivity Catalyst & Executive Coach
Evangeline Berube, Vice President Strategic Accounts, Robert Half
- Moderated by Kelley Keehn, Personal Finance Educator & found of Money Wise Workplaces