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Kelley Keehn, a celebrated best-selling author with eleven books to her name, is your guiding star in the world of personal finance. Learn from her past two decades of insights from thousands of media interviews.

Kelley's presentations are a pathway to financial empowerment. From sensitive money conversations to actionable tools and strategies, she equips you to make confident financial decisions. Discover how Kelley can transform your financial well-being.

Unlocking Financial Freedom
Why is it that we often feel more at ease discussing our most intimate secrets than our finances? Money, which significantly impacts our well-being, remains a sensitive subject. But Kelley Keehn has a mission: to change that narrative and empower Canadians to feel good about money.

In her dynamic presentation, Unlocking Financial Freedom; Five Essential Steps to Cultivating a Thriving Financial Relationship, Kelley eliminates the emotional barriers and provides the tools you need for open and judgment-free financial conversations. There's no guilt or finger-wagging here, and we'll leave the dreaded 'B' word (budget) behind.

Whether you've faced financial challenges during events like COVID-19, need to address debts and savings, or just want to enhance your financial well-being, Kelley has you covered. She'll guide you with actionable steps, ensuring you regain control and find peace with your financial situation.

Money is a crucial part of life, regardless of age, income, or status. Kelley's presentation identifies common money pitfalls and equips you with the knowledge to make empowered financial decisions tailored to your unique circumstances.

In Unlocking Financial Freedom, expect to:

- Break emotional barriers around money
- Receive judgment-free financial guidance
- Master your financial well-being
- Access actionable steps for financial recovery
- Learn to avoid common money pitfalls
- Gain empowerment for better financial decisions

Join Kelley on this enlightening journey to transform your financial relationship and unlock a brighter financial future. Your well-being deserves it!
Empower Your Wealth: Unleash Financial Confidence for Women
In 2024, Canadian women are set to control nearly $3 trillion of the nation's wealth. The question is, are they ready? Despite progress, many women still struggle with financial basics, leaving them vulnerable in critical life events.

Imagine a journey to financial empowerment, a transformation from uncertainty to confidence. That's the essence of Kelley Keehn's dynamic keynote. With storytelling and actionable steps, Kelley guides you through mastering your finances, using real-life stories that resonate with Canadian women.

Key Takeaways:

- Financial Resilience: Build a solid financial foundation to prepare for life's unpredictable moments.

- Confident Decision-Making: Navigate complex financial choices, from managing your will to optimizing your savings and charitable giving.

- Negotiation Skills: Learn to confidently negotiate your salary, ensuring fair compensation.

- Empowering Your Legacy: Discover the three pillars of managing money: wise spending, future savings, and meaningful legacy planning.

Your money can be spent, saved, or left as a legacy. Join Kelley Keehn's 'Empower Your Wealth' to maximize your financial potential in all three areas. Take control of your financial journey and secure your well-being today and tomorrow.

This empowering presentation is more than just knowledge; it's the confidence to make informed financial decisions. Book Kelley to inspire and equip women to empower their wealth.
Safeguarding Your Financial Future: Protecting Your Family from Identity Theft and Investment Fraud
In a world where financial crime quietly victimizes a growing number of Canadians each year, many suffer in silence, too embarrassed to seek help. Despite the staggering $16 billion annual cost of fraud in Canada, a daunting nine in 10 victims choose to endure the pain alone, according to the RCMP.

The Story:
Imagine a narrative of resilience and empowerment, where financial security becomes a shield against the lurking threats of identity theft and investment fraud. Kelley Keehn's presentation, based on her extensive research for the award-winning financial literacy publication 'Protecting You and Your Money' by the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada, is your roadmap to safeguarding your financial future.

Key Takeaways:

    Prevent Cyber-Crime: Learn how to shield yourself against the stealthy tactics of cyber-criminals and thwart identity theft and five other types of fraud.

    Detect Investment Scams: Gain the knowledge to recognize and avoid current investment scams, protecting your family from financial ruin.

    Shield Your Identity: Discover tips and strategies to fortify your identity against the rising tide of data breaches.

    Lessons from Real Cases: Through gripping case studies, delve into the stories of financial miscreants like Bernie Madoff and Earl Jones, extracting invaluable lessons to protect your financial well-being.

Financial security isn't just about numbers; it's about your peace of mind. Kelley Keehn's presentation equips you with the knowledge and tools to protect your family from the shadows of identity theft and investment fraud. Don't let your financial future be compromised by silence. Join us and unlock the power to shield your family, detect scams, and fortify your identity. Book Kelley Keehn for a presentation that will inspire you to take action and safeguard your financial future.
Mastering the Female Financial Market: Top 10 Tips for Financial Professionals
The world of finance is evolving, and women are increasingly taking the lead in managing their wealth. In this exclusive session designed for financial professionals in Canada and the U.S., Kelley Keehn provides you with the top 10 practical tips to engage and attract more female clients.

Women now control nearly 30% of global investable assets, yet they remain an underserved segment. Drawing from over a decade of research and extensive cross-Canada and U.S. tours, Kelley dives into the unique needs of women in the financial world. She explores the critical elements of building trusted relationships with female clients and the necessity of adapting financial advice to meet their ever-evolving needs.

Key Takeaways:

- Practical Engagement: Gain actionable tips and strategies to immediately enhance trust with female clients and develop lasting relationships.

- Tailored Business Development: Discover approaches customized for this unique market segment, helping you expand your client base.

- Deep Connection: Learn how to market and connect on a profound level with the majority of the marketplace—women.

- Understanding the Female Buyer: Attain a keen awareness of the distinctions between female and male clients, enhancing your ability to cater to their specific financial needs.

Uncover the secrets to serving female clients like never before. With Kelley's insights, you'll not only better serve women but also expand your business through her extensive network. Learn the art of gaining referrals without asking for them and discover the Female Factor Edge that sets you apart in the financial industry. Master the art of engaging and attracting more female clients, elevating your financial practice.
Embracing Risk (for women): Conversations with best-selling, award-winning author, Kelley Keehn
It's been said that everything you desire in life exists on the other side of fear. Getting there - where you want to be in life, your career, your family and more - takes risk. And that can open you up to failure. But without a leap of faith, you'll keep getting what you've always had.

Join Kelley for this honest journey to taking a deep breath and welcoming more strategic risk into your personal and professional life. Kelley will equip you with tangible tools and takeaways for managing the failures that come with stretching yourself. Get out of your comfort zone and discover who you can become if you face fear head-on and embrace your best self with courage and confidence.
You Inc. - Nurturing Your Million Dollar Investment
Whether you're an employee or self-employed, thinking of yourself as a corporation is essential. Large corporations spend years and thousands of dollars developing their corporate policies. What are yours? Learn why and how to structure your personal and corporate policies for maximum success and balance.

Learn how shifting your perception to being the President and CEO of your personal corporation will fast track your career and keep you on top!


'Everyone should hear Kelley's message'

'In today's challenging economic climate Kelley provides a message that is relatable and valuable to her audience. She is a consummate professional with core knowledge on finances and financial literacy. Everyone should hear Kelley's message.'
-- Steven Van Alstine, Vice-President, Education, The Canadian Payroll Association

'We can't wait to work with her and her team again'

'It was a pleasure to work with Kelley and her team - very organized and professional. Kelley's presentation received excellent feedback from our audience; we can't wait to work with her and her team again in the future!'
-- Kelly Smith, Marketing Manager, Franklin Templeton

'Kelley Keehn is a fierce female financial friend and expert!'

'Kelley Keehn is a fierce female financial friend and expert! If you want an engaging keynote that will make you feel good about money, she is it! A skilled professional, Kelley gives advice through sound research and lived experience. She engages the audience right away and draws you in with her story. Thank you Kelley. You changed some lives today!'
-- Lisa West, Executive Staff, ETFO

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