Talk Money To Me

Talk Money to Me COVID edition resources

Well hello there!  You're on this page because you've read my newest book, Talk Money to Me: How to Save, Spend, and Feel Good About Your Money During COVID and Other Times of Financial Distress. 

At the time of updating it, financial resources from our government seemed to be changing on a daily basis.  Tax treatment for those working at home as an employee also we're yet announced.  So I wanted you to have this page to access the latest financial and tax information, as well as calculators and resources to help you feel good about money!  Scroll though and if you have any questions, please drop me a line at

Here's to your prosperity!

Work from home tax breaks:

Your brain on financial stress

Learning about investments

Mutual fund basics

Tax shelters

Investment ins and outs


Burn your mortgage

Checking your credit report & score& keeping it high

Keep and eye out for fraud

Saving for your future self

Resources for Seniors and Students:

Other resources and calculators: